2 Men Episode 7

Coming up on this edition of 2 Men and Their Mics, we have a bumper show full of talk, chat and well… random tangents. On the menu this time:

  • We talk all things Star Trek Discovery and give our thoughts on the first 4 episodes
  • The Orville is next in the hotseat, is it Star Trek light…. is it any good?
  • We sit down and discuss all things Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Blade Runner 2049
  • Jason discusses “noir”
  • A bit of retro gaming…. are Jaguar’s good?
  • We run down the card for UPW Proving Ground featuring Sabu
  • Plus 2 Men Xtra where we talk about the new Justice League trailer….

phew… thats a big show we hope you enjoy.  We do want to hear from you though so…

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